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The Lindberg Line Model Kit New Old Stock - Sport Biplane

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Paul Lindberg established a name for himself before WWII as a designer of balsa flying models What kid didn’t put models together during their childhood? Beautiful unused example of this classic plane. Lindberg Line – Sport Biplane. Plastic model construction kit new old stock still in the box. Although not a rare example, certainly more difficult to find in this unused state.

Why purchase this New Old Stock The Lindberg Line Model Kit Sport Biplane?

Connect with one of the most turbulent and significant periods in American history with this new old stock Sport Biplane model kid, which was part of the Lindberg Line. Paul Lindberg established himself as a household name in the years leading up to World War II. He made balsa flying models that children could construct and later expanded into other types of vehicles, air, land, and sea. This sport biplane is one such example. New old stock, this model was made to be sold but never was. That is why it remains in mint condition. Lindberg Products Inc. made the model in Stoke, IL. It weighs about 4 oz and measures 7" x 5" x 1" and is ideal for any collector of models and toys.

This model also provides a connection with daily life in a tumultuous period in American history. Made during the 1950's or 1960's, this piece comes from a period of change and challenges. During the period, the U.S. fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars. America also suffered an early loss in the Space Race with the Soviet launch of Sputnik only to score the ultimate success by landing man on the moon. At home, Americans were torn apart on issues relating to race and the war. This biplane kit model is a reminder to appreciate simple joys even in difficult times.

Buy this New Old Stock The Lindberg Line Sport Biplane Model Kit today.

Product Details
Grade "Mint/Old New Stock"
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions 7
Weight (Approx) 4oz
Vintage Condition Mint/Old New Stock
Vintage Country US
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