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Mello Joy 1930's Tin Coffee Sign

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This is a single sided metal advertising sign. The company would supply the bar or restaurant owners these types of advertising items free of charge. It was a win-win for both parties. Typically these pieces are damaged as they were heavily used. Many collectors have a space in their home or garage where they display these types of pieces. Rec rooms are a great place to hang these signs. Some collectors specialize in a certain brand or category such as country store pieces.

Why order this Tin Mello Joy 1930's Coffee Sign?

Louis and Will Begnaud worked for Grimmer Coffee Company, which made Creole Belle. During their time with the company, they aspired to own their own coffee-making company. In 1936, they made their dream come true when they opened Mello Joy. The company that they founded used signs like this one to advertise their products. They supplied them to restaurants and stores, free of charge, to make customers aware of their products. Signs of this kind were typically used heavily and were often damaged, but this one remains in Good - Very Good condition. The sign weighs about eight pounds and measures 36". The sign is made of tin and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

While collectors of coffee-themed products are sure to take to this sign, so too are collectors of pieces from the 1930's, a difficult decade in American history. The decade started in the midst of Prohibition and in the early days of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs changed the way that many Americans looked at government, and projects like the Hoover Dam improved the nation's infrastructure. As the decade came to a close, World War II raged in Europe, and the United States would enter the war shortly after the '30's came to a close.

Add this 1930's Tin Mello Joy Coffee Sign to your collection today.

Product Details
Grade Good - VG
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions 36
Weight (Approx) 128oz
Vintage Condition Good-VG
Vintage Country US
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