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M & B Ice Cream Wall-Eyed Pike 3-D NOS Cardstock Sign

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These types of signs were often displayed at the ice cream shop where you bought your hot fudge sundae or strawberry malt. They are excellent decorator pieces for your rec room, garage or mancave. Great for advertising, ice cream, country store or fishing collectors!

Why Choose This M & B Ice Cream Wall-Eyed Pike 3-D Cardstock Sign?

Advertising is an intriguing art form. It is artistic, but it is also profit driven. It is also responsible for a large portion of the memorabilia that is left behind for us to collect. Vintage and antique pieces were usually made for local small businesses to use and were not offered to individual customers. Signs like this one would have been displayed in restaurants or ice cream shops. However, the process of transporting ice cream was a bit different at that point in time. Since refrigerated shipping was not in use yet, ice cream was stuck as a local product with many companies delivering their product directly to restaurants with a horse and wagon.

  • This sign is from M & B Ice Cream, they were seen as a fixture of downtown Saginaw during the early 1900s. The history of the company dates back to 1910 when James M. McColgan and William Bogner bought Hitchings Ice Cream Co. The name change came later when McColgan purchased Bogner\'s share of the company. M & B Ice Cream was a Saginaw favorite.

NOS Cardstock Ice Cream Sign

This sign measures 20" by 13" and is made of cardstock. Signs like this one were generally just discarded as they became damaged or aged. This one is from new old stock and is in excellent condition. It has the wall-eyed pike design and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This piece dates to the 1950s and was found in its original box in an old ice cream shop.

This M & B Ice Cream wall-eyed pike 3-D cardstock sign could be yours, order while you have the chance!

More Information
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions "20” x 13”"
Weight (Approx) "12 oz"
Vintage Condition Excellent - New Old Stock
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