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Soda & Ice Cream Lithograph Posters - Creamsicle

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This would look great in a frame. The company would supply the bar or restaurant owners these types of advertising items free of charge. It was a win-win for both parties. Typically these pieces are damaged as they were heavily used. Many collectors have a space in their home or garage where they display these types of pieces. Rec rooms are a great place to hang these signs. Some collectors specialize in a certain brand or category such as soda fountain pieces.

Why add the Soda & Ice Cream Lithograph Posters - Creamsicle to your collection?

This outstanding Soda & Ice Cream Lithograph Poster advertising for the classic Creamsicle belongs on your kitchen, game room, man cave or she shed wall. As a category, food and beverage advertisements and posters are solidly collectible. Items in this category are popular with interior designers or nostalgic buyers longing for simpler times. There probably isn't anything more directly connected to childhood than the first delicious taste of an iconic Creamsicle.

Soda & Ice Cream Lithograph Posters - Creamsicle

This 17 x 6 inch paper poster advertises for the classic Creamsicle. A luscious creamsicle is shown emerging from a wrapper against a background filled with bright oranges. The wrapper urges you to Get Swell Gifts while you enjoy the Pure Orange Flavor! These posters were made by Joe Lowe, Inc, NY, NY in 1958.

Bright and Perfect Poster

This poster is suitable for framing. Usually these items were subject to environmental abuse and heavy use. Since this piece is considered New Old Stock it was never actually used and remains in Excellent condition.

Add this memorable Soda & Ice Cream Lithograph Posters featuring the American Classic Creamsicle to your Collectors Limited order today!

Product Details
Grade Excellent
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions 17
Weight (Approx) 2oz
Vintage Condition Excellent New Old Stock
Vintage Country US
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