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Coca-Cola 1940’s Framed Masonite Sign Girl Drinking Coke

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Beautiful wartime Masonite sign made when metal was in demand for the war effort. Typically these pieces are damaged as they were heavily used. Many collectors have a space in their home or garage where they display these types of pieces. Rec rooms are a great place to hang these signs. Some collectors specialize in a certain brand or category such as soda fountain pieces.

Why buy this 1940's Coca-Cola Framed Masonite Girl Drinking Coke Sign?

Over the past century, Coca-Cola has grown its brand like few other companies on earth. Countries large and small, rich and poor, and in every part of the world enjoy the company's soft drinks. In fact, even its bottles and some of its marketing songs, like, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke," are easily recognizable around the globe. Not surprisingly, the company even has a massive following of collectors, who are eager to own anything with the iconic logo. From bottles and bottlecaps to coins, tee-shirts, and, in this case, signs, the company's loyal following is virtually unparalleled.

This sign comes from the 1940s, when metal was in high demand due to World War II. It is made from Masonite. Because signs this this were heavily used, most of them were severely damaged, and owners disposed of far more than survived. Accordingly, this sign is a true find, as it remains in excellent condition. It would make a start of or addition to a Coca-Cola or Americana collection, as well as that perfect standalone piece for anyone who likes to connect with important and unique periods in history.

Add this 1940's Coca-Cola Masonite Girl Drinking Coke Framed Sign to your collection today.

Product Details
Grade Excellent
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions "34” x 12”"
Weight (Approx) "6 lbs"
Vintage Condition Excellent
Vintage Country US
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