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Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can

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Extremely difficult tin Coca-Cola fountain syrup can. Typically these pieces are damaged as they were heavily used. Many collectors have a space in their home or garage where they display these types of pieces. Rec rooms are a great place to hang these signs. Some collectors specialize in a certain brand or category such as soda fountain pieces.

Why add the Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can to your collection?

This Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can is how it used to work...and it still works this way today! This piece is a remarkable addition to your Coca-Cola or soft drink collection. The Coca-Cola Company produced promotional items, signs, different cases, crates and packaging, all of which end up in eclectic collections like yours. Coca-Cola is an American icon of business and culture. The company began operations in 1886 in Atlanta. Over the 20th Century it grew to be one of the most globally recognized brands and products out there. Coke-related items have massive collector appeal.

Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can

This is a classic, red labeled Coca-Cola branded metal syrup can. The Coca-Cola logo in stylized script appears on the front of the large one gallon can. The other side of the can reminds us to "Chill Before Use." The directions for use included on the side tell us to use one ounce of syrup, a standard measure of ice and to mix these two things with carbonated water in a 6 oz. glass. "stir just enough to mix"...today we have boxes and bags for soft drink syrup. Add this Classic to your collection while you can!

Hard to find in Excellent Condition

Many of these one gallon Tin Coke syrup cans were crushed and put in the trash when they were emptied. Nobody thought to save them for collectors in the future. As a result, examples of this item are tough to find and when they are located they are not in excellent condition. This Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Order your Coca-Cola Tin Gallon Fountain Syrup Can from Collectors Limited today!

Product Details
Grade Excellent
Grading Service Uncertified
Dimensions "12” x 8”"
Weight (Approx) 1 lb
Vintage Condition Excellent
Vintage Country US
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